What does this new building mean to us – by: Lisa Fairburn

Usually it is Mike who writes our newsletters, ads and other communications. Don’t tell him, but he is pretty good at it. However, we thought it might be good to hear our thoughts and heart from my perspective.

So what does this building mean to us?

Wow! Where do I begin?

I would begin with a sense of humility. We are humbled by God’s faithfulness and blessing on two such unlikely people as us. Both Mike and I were raised in poverty by single/widowed moms. And our backgrounds and some of our choices did not necessarily foretell success and influence. That is why we are humbled that God chose us for something much bigger than ourselves and greater than we could imagine.

We started in our little house in Hillyard. Working out of a two car garage and basement office way back in 1991. Then we bought and moved into the little volunteer fire station on Bigelow Gulch in 1998. What a leap of faith that was! Over the years we added to that building as we grew. Eventually we added as much as the County said we could on a one acre property. For quite a while now we have continued to operate in a facility we have far out grown. For the last four seasons our Landscape Maintenance division has been operating from the 2+ acre property we purchased a few miles away. When we bought that property it was with the intention of eventually building a facility where our Lawn & Tree Care, Landscape Maintenance, and Pest Control Divisions could all work together under one roof. And NOW it is beginning to happen.

So again, what does this new building mean to us? It means the same, doing business the same Living Water Way, and yet greater is to come. What do I mean by that? Well from the beginning, our dream and mission at Living Water is that it would be a place employees could make a livable wage, support their families, have benefits, and even buy homes. Simply put, “enjoy a better life”. A place where young men and women could be raised up and trained to work hard, raise strong families, and give back to the community. While we believe that has happened often over the last 26 years we are excited to do that at even a greater level in the new building.

This new building gives us the opportunity of not just maintaining our high quality of work and customer service, but getting better and better. It means being a blessing to our customers to a greater degree. We assure you we will continue to run on a lean budget, keep our services affordable, take care of the men and women who serve you and to give back to God and the community at even a higher level.

It means an environmentally cleaner, safer and more efficient place to work for all our employees. It means our wonderful administrative staff will have a better work environment to serve our customers and employees with continued excellence. It means bringing every Living Water team member under one roof. It means enhanced training facilities so we can keep getting better.

While this is a big investment for Mike and I, we strongly believe it means greater things for the future. We have found over the years when we obey the direction that we sense God is calling us to move, it has always worked out in the end.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts without the grace of God and our wonderful family of customers none of this would be possible.

God’s Richest Blessings,

Lisa Fairburn

Co-Founder Living Water Companies