Living Water is invested in OUR community and beyond!

Past to Present

– Year in and year out Living Water continues to make a difference in our local communities through donations, support and sponsorship of many quality non-profits, schools and programs in our area that assist men and women, the homeless, abandoned, abused, lost, and hopeless. Another focus of Living Water support is the orphaned and pregnant teens. Living Water Lawn & Tree Care

Living Water has the privilege of helping other churches in the area as they work to transform neighborhoods. Living Water, through the Living Water Foundation also reaches beyond our community by supporting several missionaries and children in third world countries. We’ve teamed up with Spring Of Hope International to bring clean water and business opportunities to the villages of Adiedo Kenya.

When you choose Living Water for your Landscape needs you are helping make a difference in our community and world. Thank you for being a part of something that is BIGGER than us, BIGGER than you and BIGGER than all of us.


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October 2018 Livingwater Lawn Care Newsletter

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August 2018 Livingwater Lawn Care Newsletter

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Living Water’s Community Involvement Through The Years…


lawn care spokane waIn 2011 Living Water and City Church were able again to support the annual Spokenya Run, Spring of Hope International, sponsor attendees at the Leadership Summit and many other quality non-profits, schools, programs and churches in our community. Living Water Foundation was able to help a single mom with three kids to get a working vehicle so she could get her children to daycare and school and work her full-time job. In June of of 2011 the Fairburn Family and several others from Life Center Church went to Adiedo, Kenya to learn how to better serve and connect with the people of this small village.

Adiedo, is the home village of David Opap, now a local resident and founder of Spring of Hope International. David lost his mother and several siblings to the diseased water. Life Center has helped drill two wells and sponsor many children in Adiedo. City Church as helped sponsor children as well as Grace a full-time liaison in the village. Spring of Hope, the Fairburns, City Church and Life Center have begun to make headway in relationship with the people in Adiedo by working with the Tribal chiefs, schools and churches.

The primary purpose is not to take supplies to the people but rather to help the people of Adiedo to become self sustaining in preventative health education, crop growth and manageability, community development and assistance, and personal relationship and growth with Jesus Christ. Living Water customers helped with expenses of the trip and donated care and school items for the village of Adiedo. Thank you for your support. You can find out more about helping in Adiedo by going to

Living Water also helped City Church reach out to our own city with a donation at the Christmas Eve Service – “Hope at Last” in the Garland Theatre on December 24th. Over 600 people in our community attended and $1200 was raised to help with the rebuilding of the Ferguson’s restaurant and The Milk Bottle in the Garland District.


Living Water continues to make a difference in our local communities through donations, support and sponsorship of many quality non-profits, schools and programs in our area that assist men and women, the homeless, abandoned, abused, lost, hopeless, orphaned and pregnant teens. Living Water has had the privilege of helping other churches in the area as they work to transform neighborhoods.

Specifically, Living Water and Living Water Foundation has been able to directly support City Church and other community churches in making a difference in our community. Living Water and City Church sponsored the Spokenya Run to help bring clean water to a small village in Adiedo, Kenya. Living Water and City Church sponsored many to attend the Annual Leadership Summit. Many Families were assisted during these hard times over the holidays and through out the year through Living Water Foundation and City Church. City Church & Living Water sponsored SpoKenya Run to help get clean water to Adiedo, Kenya


On September 6th, 2009 the owners of Living Water, Mike and Lisa Fairburn officially launched a Life Center church plant called City Church Spokane in the Garland neighborhood. (Neither Living Water Community Church nor Living Water Christian Fellowship is affiliated with Living Water or Mike and Lisa). In 2005, Mike and Lisa began attending a two year ministry institute here in Spokane.

By the time they graduated in June of 2007, Mike knew that God was calling them to start a church. The church began as a small fellowship in their home until it moved to 1047 W. Garland on January 10th, 2009. Mike and Lisa, together with the City Church Leadership team have a heart to see all people experience the fullness of life that Christ came to give us. (See John 10:10, the City Church scripture.) You can visit the City Church web site to find out more at:

It is important to us that each Living Water customer know and understand that this new calling in our lives will in no way change the mission, values, service or future of Living Water Lawn and Tree Care. We have worked diligently over the years to train up and empower managers and employees to continue the same Living Water service and quality. God has blessed us with dedicated managers and excellent employees. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact either our General Manager John Starkey or Office Manager Carolyn Alvarez directly at 509.487.3439, or by clicking on their names to send an email directly to one of them.

Thank you for being a Living Water customer. By being a Living Water customer you have a part in making our community and beyond a better place to live through services to the community, Living Water Foundation giving and now through City Church Spokane!


In October 2008 we partnered with other locally owned and operated businesses to do a total renovation of a lawn.  The property is owned by a widow with teenage children — whose husband & father succumbed to cancer in early 2008.  Whew, it was hard work, but well worth it.   We want to thank Ron Davis and his company, Ron Davis Lawn Care and Landscaping. We could not have done this without Ron. Also, Bill Johnson of Prairie Pastures Pruning. Ron ran the job and Bill pruned some wild stuff for us. We want to thank the vendors that gave us materials at cost.

Thanks to Matt McCoury at Millers Hardware for sprinkler supplies and Gary Gibson at Gibson Nursery for the sod. In a tight economy these guys were so generous.  Thanks to the Living Water crew; every one of them (even the bookkeeper and office staff were there) worked hard to make this transformation happen.  Look here, for more pictures of this wonderful day at work, and other candid photos of your Living Water Family.

2007 – On Going – Living Water Foundation

As a continued commitment to making our community and world a better place, we have formed the Living Water Foundation. The Living Water Foundation is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the Living Water Foundation is to provide resources to individuals and families affected by poverty, injustice and hardship.  We provide resources to church and para church organizations that spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help relieve human suffering in its various forms.

2006 – On Going

At Living Water, it is our desire to be a blessing to the communities we serve.  Because, our community is a blessing to us, it is important that we in turn invest in our community.  We are committed financially to several organizations and programs in our community that work to improve the quality of life of many of our friends and neighbors.  We also give to as many schools and programs that we are able to by donating money, services and time.  Lastly, we pray regularly for our community, friends, neighbors, customers and employees. Together we can make Spokane and the surrounding areas an even better place to live.

2004-2005 – Operation Neighbors and Friends

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have financially donated and prayed for 300+ troops and their families of the Army National Guard, 161st Infantry Battalion. To the joy and relief of the families, these troops will be returning home to our area in late March. We wanted to share with you the words of appreciation that we recently received from one of the wives and support coordinator, she writes….“There were so many people who helped through Operation Neighbor and Friends, I am sure that I an not aware of everyone.

One thing I do know is that God put us all together to bring strength to one another during this time. Words can never say how very much I personally appreciate all of your help, prayers and friendship. It has helped me get through some very trying times and I love that you have entered our lives.”

We could not have done this without all of you! Thank You! We are glad they are home but sorry that this ministry is coming to an end, but the friendships and connections that we have made will continue. We will wait until God calls us on to the next great adventure. Stay tuned.

And, please continue to remember in your prayers, the remaining troops and their families as well as many innocent people that are still very much involved in the war.


In 2003 we were able to help out the Van Wert family. We just want you to know where your gift is going. The family you are helping is the Van Wert Family. James, Heather and their 4 kids: Michael, 8; Dominic, 5; Nathan, 2½ and Christian, 2 ½ months. James has been in Iraq since March and will be gone another 16 months. Heather’s car is on its last leg. We will be replacing it within the next week. Thank you for helping this happen. When I told this to Heather she said she was stunned. That was fun.