Our Story began in 1990 when my wife Lisa and I (Mike) started mowing lawns after our 7-3 jobs to save money to start a lawn care business to help out a dear relative. Well it didn’t work out for our relative but it did for us. In 1991 we officially started Living Water Lawn and Tree Care. We offered Lawn Maintenance, Lawn & Tree Spraying, Insect Control, Pruning, Sprinklers and Landscaping. We operated out of our two and half car garage and basement office in Hillyard. In 1995 we sold the everything but the spray side of our business which was about 80%. From 1996 to 2014 that is all we did. In 1998 we bought the old volunteer fire station on Bigelow Gulch and within two years we added on offices and a big shop. In 2013 we bought the 2 acre property on north Regal street. And in 2014 in joining with our partner Ron Davis started up Living Water Landscape Maintenance. Once again offering lawn maintenance, pruning, landscaping and sprinklers. That same year we started up Living Water Pest Control as well. We continued to work and grow from Bigelow until 2016 when we could “stands it no more”. We began the planning and building process for the new facility on Regal. In the beginning of 2018 we moved into that new facility which now houses all three companies. We feel incredibly blessed as we bring closure to a long successful stretch on Bigelow beginning with a small family lawn care business when our family was still young to ushering in the NEW season here at Regal with all three LIVING WATER companies and a great and growing staff. We are grateful to serve over 5000 customers in Spokane, Cheney and North Idaho.
8227 N. Regal St.
Spokane, WA 99217
United States (US)
Latitude: 47.732269
Longitude: -117.3690198
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