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Living Water Landscape Maintenance specializes in the design and installation of all your landscape needs.

A New Design

Living Water Landscape Maintenance, a Spokane based landscape design and installation contractor. We specializes in the residential and light commercial market. Repairing or redesigning an existing yard, installing the landscape for a new home or just adding a flower bed or a few new trees. The Living Water Landscape Maintenance has the experienced personnel ready to help. Let us be your first choice in Spokane landscaping.

We Specialize In Everything

Landscape Design and Installation for Residential and Light Commercial Landscapes:

  •  Fire Pits
  • Trees and Shrubbery Installs
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Sod
  • Water Features
  • Site Grading
  • Seeding
  • Clean-ups
  • Refurbish
Spokane Landscaping

Need Some Ideas?

Our Landscaping Tips

1. Focal point

Every great landscape has a great focal point. It may be a water feature, a beautiful tree, or even a series of shrubs. Living Water can create a great focal point for you or create a beautiful landscape to accentuate an existing focal point.

2. Focus and Scale

A great landscape will have a balance of size, shape, and color. Remember that you want your landscape to lead you through the space. You want to use a combination of repeating elements and small unique features. Our estimate specialist can help you do this.

3. Make a list

Before starting any landscape projects, make a list of all of your needs. Do you need a play space for your kids, a gardening area, or maybe just a quiet relaxing space for you. Write down all of your must haves before starting your design.

4. Native Plants

Using appropriate plant species will reduce plant maintenance and it can also reduce pest activity.

5. Maintenance In Mind

A low maintenance landscape can sometimes be an after thought. Before starting your project, think about upkeep. Try to design your property to be easy to mow, trim, and weed eat. Keeping appropriate space between plants will also make them easier to prune and rake between. This will give your landscape long lasting beauty.

6. Big Picture

Sometimes your master plan can seem overwhelming or too costly. Break your master plan up into smaller projects. Take on each project one at a time. This can reduce stress, spread out your payments, and will still give you what you desire in the long run.

7. Our Purpose

Living Water started in 1991 with a husband and wife trying to give their children a better life. We still to this day understand that most people are just trying to do the same. Thats why we put so much effort in caring for your property. Our landscape team will do everything it can, to create a beautiful space for your family to spend time in.

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