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Living Water is a full Spokane mowing service. We mow and trim edges every week. We keep lawns looking good.

You are in the right place

  1. Tired of the back breaking work of mowing your own lawn?
  2. Fed up with the cost of keeping your lawn mower in tip top shape?
  3. Is your lawn just not looking the way it used to?
  4. Haven’t found a Spokane mowing service that takes care of all your needs?
  5. After mowing, are you always upset by the odd patterns in your lawn that make it look uneven and different colors?

Get Mow For Your Money

We believe a landscape professionally maintained by Living Water Landscape Maintenance adds value to your property and can help you and your family get the most out of your investment.  Seeing your beautifully maintained landscape will make you smile every time you look at it! Make Living Water your first choice for your Spokane mowing service.

How We Do It

The lawn mower you own is probably not commercial grade. When you hire Living Water Landscape Maintenance, your lawn will be mowed with commercial rotary mowers.  That means blades that are sharpened daily to provide a cleaner cut and to lessen the probability of fungal disease. Did you know your lawn COULD have fungal disease? Cutting height is adjusted to the optimal height for your specific lawn health and water usage conditions. All of our lawn care professional operators are trained to mow in directional patterns, creating a professionally-striped look. Patterns are periodically changed to reduce the risk of soil compaction and rutting. Trimming around structures and other turf areas is done at the same cutting height as the mowing equipment to eliminate scalping.  Finally, any debris created by our mowing and trimming operations is blown off sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, decks, steps and other paved surfaces.

Every Thing You Need To Know When Mowing Your Lawn.

  • How To Change A Blade
  • How To Adjust Mowing Height
  • How Often To Change Directions
  • What Height To Mow During Each Season
  • Etc

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Living Water is your Total Landscape Solution!

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