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Living Water is a full Spokane pruning service. Pruning keeps you landscape healthy and reduces wind damage.

Living Water Pruning Service

Proper tree pruning is a blend of science and art.  The pruning needs of the site, blended with the health needs of the tree should dictate how any tree is pruned.  With Living Water as your Spokane Pruning Service, specific pruning methods and timing are use to ensure proper healing of the pruning cuts, minimizing injury to the tree, and maximizing the aesthetics of your landscape.

Tree Growth

Trees and shrubs can withstand harsher weather conditions after being properly pruned. Living water’s pruning experts are trained to use proper trimming techniques that help make limbs and roots stronger. This means that your landscape will be healthier and will hold up better in a storm.

More Fruit Production

Pruning fruit trees and removing dead limbs will reduce the risk of disease and insect infestation. Pruning will also promote more tree growth and a higher volume of fruit production.

Remove Dangerous Branches

Safety is the most important reason to have living water prune your landscaping. Dead branches have a very high chance of falling during a storm. Repairing damages caused by falling trees and branches can cost thousands of dollars.

It is important to take note of any cracked, dead, or decaying branches on your property. We do free estimates to give you recommendations from our professionals so you can rest easy.

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Absolutely Beautiful

Making your landscape look beautiful can be easily accomplished through regular pruning. You can change the growing pattern of a shrub or tree to best fit the look you’re going for on your property.

Your landscape and curb appeal can be 20% of your property value. This makes pruning a great place to invest. It is absolutely necessary if you are trying to sell your home at the value it is worth.

Reduce and Eliminate Disease

It may come as a surprise, but trees can get diseases just like humans. With proper pruning, we can prevent and even treat diseases before they destroy the tree. Make Living Water your primary Spokane pruning service.

   Various Types of Pruning

Structural Pruning

Conducted when a tree is young (from 5 to 15’ in height).  Most structural defects that occur in older trees can be prevented by pruning when the tree is young. This practice can avoid the need for more expensive tree care practices later in the life of the plant and extend the lifespan of the tree by decreasing the  likelihood of branch failures.  Structural pruning of young, developing trees provides a desirable and stable form at maturity and is one of the best investments that consumers can make in their landscape.

Dormant Pruning

Certain species of trees (especially fruit trees) should only be pruned during dormancy or after the first frost.  This is to minimize the spread of certain bacterial infections (like fire blight) that can be spread by pruning equipment.  Dormant pruning also aids us in being able to fully see a tree’s structure without the leaves impeding the view.

Corrective Pruning

Removing Deadwood, Broken or Crossing Branches, etc.









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