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Living Water is a full service sprinkler company. From design and install to repair and maintenance…we do it all.

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It’s easy to run over a sprinkler head while mowing your lawn. Or maybe you forgot to blowout your system last season. Whether you have a broken head, a leaky line, or you need a complete sprinkler system overhaul, our sprinkler service can handle it.  You will get the same care and expertise as the rest of our services.

Repair prices vary based on damages and parts.


Our sprinkler repairs are charged by the hour. Here are a few extra steps that you can take to save us time and you money.

  • Flag any sprinklers that need repairs or sprinklers that you are concerned about.
  • Most work can be done with access to a value box but work can get done much faster with access to a timer box.
  • Make sure all necessary gates are unlocked for easy access.
  • Please place any less than friendly animals inside the home.

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Our estimators will meet with you to talk about your individual needs. Then we’ll help guide you through the design process. If you’d like drip lines in your shrub beds we can do that. If you’d like pop-up heads throughout your lawn we can do that too. We can also tell you what would be best and most cost effective for your property.


We try to be as minimally invasive as possible. Living Water works efficiently to lessen the time we have to be on your property so you can get back to enjoying it. In most installations we use a pipe puller to have as little impact on your turf as possible. We always cleanup any mess we made. The only reason you will know we were there is because you have this handy new, fully functional sprinkler system. After a sprinkler installation, we will show you how to operate your system. You will also get a free sprinkler blow out to winterize your sprinklers the same year we install your sprinkler system.

Prices vary for each property based on number of zones required and difficulty of installation.


Living Water sprinkler teams only use high quality commercial parts to insure that your system will last. Our sprinkler systems are designed to reduce water waste and keep your landscape green and beautiful. Let us give you a system that you can trust. It’s your home, it’s important to you and it’s important to us.

Let us help you get the sprinkler system you have been wanting. Choose a local Spokane sprinkler service.


SEASONAL Spokane Sprinkler SERVICE Options

We can turn your sprinkler system on in the spring and blow the system out in the fall. We can also come out for seasonal adjustments if you are having problems with dry spots. Let us take care of things that you don’t have time for. Spend your weekends doing things you enjoy instead.

Sprinkler Turn-On $62.95 (up to 6 zones)

  • Need your sprinkler system turned on this season? With this sprinkler service, our team will turn the water on to your system, run each zone to check for malfunctions or winter damage, and make sure all heads are spraying in the proper direction.
  • Then we will contact you if there are any concerns or repairs that need to be done.

Blow-Out Starting At: $74.95 (up to 6 zones) – price may be more based on location.

  • Without the proper equipment, blowing out a sprinkler system can result in major winter damages. These damages can end up costing hundreds of dollar to repair. Living Water’s sprinkler team is professionally trained to winterize your system properly. This service is guaranteed so that you can rest assured that if there are any spring damages caused by our winterization, we will repair them at no extra cost to you.

Sprinkler Tune-Up $62.95 (up to 6 zones)

  • As weather changes your sprinklers need to be adjusted accordingly for water time. We can help you with that. As you know, hotter weather means more and frequent watering.
  • Sprinklers need to be re-adjusted when they stop turning or start watering areas that don’t need watering. If you notice dry spots in the lawn that can mean that the sprinklers are not turning like they should be. Our team can make those adjustments for you by checking each head to ensure proper watering coverage.

Anything after 6 zones is considered a Sprinkler Repair










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