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Healthy & Beautiful

Living Water believes that a healthy vigorous landscape is a benefit to you and your neighborhood and we can help with our TREE & SHRUB CARE PROGRAM. Our program provides regular applications done in a timely manner to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and damaging insects to a minimum. We are the best in Spokane tree care.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Program

  • Dormant Oil With Copper
  • Spring Insect Control
  • Early Summer Insect Control
  • Summer Insect & Mite Control
  • Late Summer Insect & Mite Control
  • Fall Deep Root Feeding
  • Starting at $37.70 per application

Shade Tree Program

Designed For Your Larger Trees

  • Soil Drench Insect Treatment
  • Fall Deep Root Feeding









Living Water is your Total Landscape Solution!

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