Late Fall/Early Winter Services

November thru February –

At this time of year there are only a few things that you, the homeowner can do. Those few things are listed below.  Otherwise sit back, enjoy the winter and pray for spring!

TurfCustom Fall Fertilizer Application –As late as mid-November depending on snow fall. Fall Sulfur Application As late as mid-November depending on snow fall.

Debris on Lawns
– Lawns should be raked up and cleared off the lawn before the snow covers it for good.  Debris smothers the lawn and contributes to snow mold and lessens overall turf health.  So, help it out by cleaning it off as much as possible.Problems or Questions?:Partner with us at Living Water Lawn & Tree Care and together we can get your landscape looking great. Consider the seasonal specific tips for you landscape. If you are on a regular program with us, we will automatically be out at the appropriate time to treat your landscape. If you are not set up with us, now is the time to call and get a free estimate and evaluation or just talk with a landscape expert. 

As for services that we do not offer such as pruning, mowing, sprinklers snow removal and landscaping, we can give you a recommendation of who to call to get expert advice and service.  Just give us a call, we would be happy to help…509-487-3439 or 1-800 LAWNCARE (1-800-529-6227).


Tree, Shrubs, Shrub beds & More

Fall Deep Root Feeding – October/November

Dormant Oil w/ Copper  for Trees & Shrubs – One of the best applications for your trees and shrubs, includes the copper fungicide for optimal health, and can be done as early as February depending on the weather.

Shrub Beds – Shrub beds should be cleaned out thoroughly before the snow covers the ground.  This will help prevent damage from disease and fungus that can set in from the debris sitting there ’til spring.


Watering:   Trees, shrubs and other planted material compete with the lawn and each other for water.  Be sure to deep water trees and shrubs at least 2 to 3 times a month. And at least one last time in late October or early November depending on the freeze.  Your trees and shrubs will let you know if they are not receiving enough water from either sprinkling or rain fall. If you do not get enough water to them throughout the year they become more susceptible to drought stress and disease.

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1-509-487-3439 or 1-800 LAWNCARE (529-6227)