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Living water will provide its customers with excellent service. We will treat our customers and co-workers with professionalism, respect and kindness. We will conduct our business in a manner consistent with the owners’ faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings.


History – A Letter from our Owner

Dear Friends and Customers,

In 1991 my wife, Lisa, and I began Living Water Lawn & Tree Care. Oh boy, imagine how surprised we would be if we could see our 25 year older selves…she’s still gorgeous and I’m…well old, but more importantly see what Living Water would become. A few of our big goals back then were to create the job I never had in this industry, let our work reflect our values, and our values guide our business. While we haven’t done that perfectly, it is amazing that the company looks a whole lot like we hoped it would, only bigger. Not complaining mind you.

Here is what we believe is important; professionalism, kindness, respect, and gratitude. Everyday our team does a lot of work, we do it well and we do it in fantastic relationships. Those are pretty simple concepts, but hey it’s me, I am remarkably simple. Simple though they are, it still means a level of commitment that is not for everyone. What Lisa and I can assure you is our team, from Carolyn who runs the place to our newest team member, understands these values or is learning them. We don’t compromise in this. You see we believe our business practices should be consistent with what Jesus taught, “Treat others the way we want to be treated.”

Are we perfect? No. However, we never use that as an excuse. We do our best. If we make a mistake, we make every reasonable and to be honest sometimes unreasonable effort to fix it. That has worked real well and I can sleep at night. That is a great 2fer! Oh and by the way did I mention we do really good work?

Well, thanks for checking us out. If there is anything we can help you with or you need more information please contact us online or give us a call.

God’s Richest Blessings, Mike_Lisa




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