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Organic Services

A safe and beautiful landscape.

At Living Water Lawn & Tree Care, we use the best products available and apply them with care. All our products are safe for you, your family and your pets.

Organic lawn Services


  • 6 Organic Lawn Treatments

  • Customized Weed Control

  • Curb Care

  • Guaranteed Results

  • Each one of your six treatments includes organic fertilizer and weed control and is customized to your lawn’s needs for each part of the season. This program naturally enriches your soil and gives you a deeper green. It also works as a natural disease preventative.

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More Services
Tree Care

Healthy trees and shrubs are good for your landscape and the environment. Our Tree and Shrub Program includes insect control, dormant oil, and deep root feed applications.

Fungicide/Disease Prevention

Stop the spread of fungal diseases such as leaf spot, anthracnose, leaf curl, and more with our tree fungus control application. 


Core aeration, the process of removing small plugs from your lawn, will make

your lawn healthier by improving water uptake, cultivating stronger roots, and reducing soil compaction, to name a few of the benefits.

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