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Let us do the work so you can get out and play!

Lawn Care Programs



  • 6 Lawn Treatments 

  • Customized Weed Control 

  • Curb Care

  • Guaranteed Results

Our Traditional Program will keep your lawn beautiful and green all season long. With six fertilizer and weed control treatments customized for your lawn’s needs, you’ll have a yard that is great for your family, pets, and fun!



  • 6 Organic Lawn Treatments

  • Customized Weed Control

  • Curb Care

  • Guaranteed Results

Each one of your six treatments includes organic fertilizer and weed control and is customized to your lawn’s needs for each part of the season. This program naturally enriches your soil and gives you a deeper green. It also works as a natural disease preventative.

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Our Lawn Care Programs Include :

  • Curb Care – We treat your curb line to control weeds and grasses at no charge.

  • Granular Fertilizer Applications – When we apply organic or granular fertilizer, we blow off driveways, sidewalks, and patios. 

More Lawn Services
Organic Fertilizer & Weed Control

All of the products we use are fully safe for your family and pets. Each one of your six treatments includes truly organic products customized to your lawn's needs each season. 

Organic Thatch Reducer

Too much thatch in your lawn can cause a variety of problems. Our organic thatch reducer breaks down thatch without the negative effects of power raking.

Insect Control

Lawn pests can quickly destroy a lawn. Get rid of them with our insect control application. This application is great for eliminating chinch bugs, crane flies, grubs, and more. 



Core aeration, the process of removing small plugs from your lawn, will make your lawn healthier by improving water uptake, cultivating stronger roots, and reducing soil compaction, to name only a few of the benefits. 

Organic Sulfur

Done in the fall for additional disease control and ph balance. Sulfur is a great economical fungus control – naturally.


Disease Control

Stop the spread of fungal diseases such as snow mold, anthracnose, and melt out with our lawn disease control application. 

Crab Grass Control

We apply a spring pre-emergent to keep Crab Grass seeds from germinating in your lawn. 

Necrotic Ring Spot Control

Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS) is a fungal disease that results in brown or bare rings in your lawn. Our NRS Control Program includes 3 applications throughout the season to control this disease and help to reverse symptoms.


Overseeding is a great way to take a thin, sparse lawn to a thick, green, healthy one. We recommend pairing this with an aeration.

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