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Noxious Weeds

Take Control & Eliminate Toxic Weeds

As much as the beautiful flowers and plants we have in our area, we also have noxious weeds. They can be harmful to animals. They can destroy the natural habitat. They can reduce your land values. We can help eliminate noxious weeds and prevent them from returning.                       

Types of Noxious Weeds in our area:

  • Black Henbane

  • Canada Thistle

  • Common Bugloss

  • Common Groundsel

  • Common Tansy 

  • Dalmation Toadflax

  • Diffuse Knapweed

  • Houndstongue

  • Kochia

  • Musk Thistle

There are over 140 different noxious weeds in our area. We can help you identify your problem and recommend treatments.

More Services
Lawn Care

Spend your weekends doing what you love, and let us take care of your lawn. Our custom fertilizer and weed control programs are exactly what every lawn needs. We guarantee your lawn will be healthy, green, and weed-free!

Pest Control

We offer residential and commercial pest control for a full range of pests: Spiders, Ants, Rodents, Wasp and more. Free estimates. Year round service is available.


Core aeration, the process of removing small plugs from your lawn, will make your lawn healthier by improving water uptake, cultivating stronger roots, and reducing soil compaction, to name only a few of the benefits. 

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