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About Us



Living Water will provide its customers with excellent service. We will treat our customers and co-workers with professionalism, kindness, respect, and gratitude. We will conduct our business in a manner consistent with the owners’ faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings.


Living Water Lawn & Tree Care began in a garage in 1991. Today we serve thousands of our neighbors in Spokane and North Idaho. We were founded with values at the very beginning. Co-founder Mike Fairburn heard clearly KINDNESS, RESPECT  AND PROFESSIONALISM. A few years later he was reminded about GRATITUDE. That final piece was placed into the foundation of this business. In the early years from time to time, co-founder Lisa Fairburn needed to remind him of these values and that people are what we are about. Today, no matter what the circumstances we face or how hard the challenge is, all of us at Living Water treat our family of customers and coworkers with Kindness, Respect, Professionalism and Gratitude. We aren't perfect but after 30+ years it's deep in our DNA.


Mike and Lisa Fairburn, Living Water Founders

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