About Us


Living Water will provide its customers with excellent service. We will treat our customers and co-workers with professionalism, kindness, respect, and gratitude. We will conduct our business in a manner consistent with the owners’ faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings.


COVID 19 message:

“At Living Water, the health and safety of our customers, team members, and community remain our top priority. We continue to follow CDC recommended safety precautions in regards to Covid-19, including mask wearing, social distancing, and regular cleaning and sanitizing of our office, trucks, and equipment. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our Covid-19 precautions. We are praying for health and safety for our Living Water Family, our community, and you and your loved ones!”

Wanna hear a funny story? 30 years ago, I started a business with my uncle. Nothing odd there; I am sure that happens sometimes. My uncle had emotional problems and couldn’t pay his child support. Unfortunately, that isn’t too uncommon either. I love my uncle, so at the time, I decided I would try to help him. I told him we could get some lawnmowers, and after I got off work, we could mow lawns so that he could pay his child support. That may not be the best business plan ever, but that’s where mine and Lisa’s started. My uncle lost interest, and we didn’t. 


Today we serve thousands of our neighbors in Spokane, North Idaho, and surrounding areas. The compassion that this company was founded on exists at even greater levels because so many people have added their hard work and practical love to the Living Water story. In some cases, three generations of family members work here with us. Employees’ kids and grandkids are all here at Living Water. It’s been a crazy journey, but one we would not trade for anything. God has blessed the work of our hands and heart. We are glad to share both with you.


Mike and Lisa Fairburn, Living Water Founders