Landscape Maintenance

Because your weekends should be for fun! 

Landscape Maintenance Services: 

Fall Clean-Up: It is important not to let fall debris sit on your lawn and in beds over the winter. Leaves and debris can suffocate your turf and plants and encourage the spread of disease. Sign up for fall clean-up and we will clean all debris from your shrub beds, flower beds and lawn, then haul it away. We do the work. You enjoy the fall season.

Sprinkler Blow Out: Sprinklers need to be winterized every year to avoid damage. We remove all water from your system. This keeps the water from freezing and damaging your pipes. Our sprinkler team is professionally trained to winterize your system properly, guaranteed!

Sprinklers: We design, install, maintain, and repair sprinkler systems! more 


Mowing: Stop worrying about mow heights and sharpening mower blades.

We mow weekly! more 


Aeration: Core aeration, the process of removing small plugs from your lawn, will make your lawn healthier by improving water uptake, cultivating stronger roots, and reducing soil compaction, to name a few of the benefits. 


Pruning: Pruning is one of the best things you can do for your landscape, but it is also one of the most complicated. Let Living Water help! more


Landscape Clean-Up: Whether your landscape is looking worse for wear after the winter, or you need it looking perfect for a big event, we can do a full landscape clean-up

for you!


Shrub Bed Weed Control: Skip the backache of pulling weeds! We will keep your shrub bed weed-free all season long! more 


Bare Grounds: This application will control all vegetation in bare ground areas where growth is undesired, such as parking lots, driveways, gravel areas, and more. 


Noxious Weed Control: An application to control and reduce the spread of invasive weeds. 


More Services
Lawn Care

Our custom fertilizer and weed control programs are designed for your lawn’s needs. We guarantee your lawn will be healthy, green, and weed-free!

Tree Care:

Healthy trees and shrubs are good for your landscape and the environment. Our Tree and Shrub Program includes insect control, dormant oil, and deep root feed applications.

Pest Control:

We offer residential and commercial pest control for a full range of pests including spiders, rodents, wasps, and more!