Lawn Care Programs

Our custom fertilizer and weed control programs are exactly what every lawn needs. We guarantee to be healthy, green and weed free.

Tree Care Programs

Our treatments are applied several times per year and they’re blended to be exactly what is needed to control pests and disease at exactly the right time.

Pest Control

We have several programs designed to keep insects out of your home and away from you family.


Living Water is your full service sprinkler solution. We design, install, maintain, and repair sprinkler systems.

Landscape Maintenance

We offer do everything from walkways to water features. Let us help you create an amazing outdoor space for you and your family.


Living Water’s pruning service keeps your landscape healthy and SAFE. Pruning helps keep storm damage to a minimum. We also do fire suppression pruning.


Living Water’s mowing service let you get back to enjoying your summer with a little less hard work.

Snow Removal

Living Water does snow removal.

Other Great Services

Living Water does aerations, moss control, sulfur treatments, etc. We are your total landscape solution.
Living Water Service

Living Water is your Total Landscape Solution!

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